Terms of Service

By buying a commission from me you agree to all terms and conditions below. These terms are stated for my own protection as an artist.

Commission Terms:

  • References of some sort are required. I will not work from descriptive text.

  • If its a World of Warcraft character, you need to either provide WoW Armory link or Wowhead dressing room link with specific hair/ear/skin combo.

  • Invoices must be paid in full before I start anything.

  • I keep track of my progress on my ticketing system’s workboard, so you can see where your piece is at if you’re curious. You’ll get a link to it in your quote e-mail.

  • Pose and composition will be sent out for approval before I continue with the piece, to make sure the posing is to your liking. It will not be possible to change the pose or the composition later after its approved.

  • PayPal payments only, and must be paid in USD. (EEA customers can pay through SEPA payments, but the amount must be converted from the USD total at current market value. Let me know in the form if you want to do this.)

  • There are no refunds. I will do revisions if I messed something up, but once the pose, lighting and compositon is approved no major edits will be done. Please make sure to address any concerns you may have during the initial phases, don’t assume I will make a major edit during clean phase. Better to tell me something I already know than to have a large revision in the final piece.

  • You are buying a private commission intended for private use only. Private Use includes: icons, profile images (such as for roleplaying), forum signatures, additions to personal galleries, printouts for personal use (such as a con badge), and other simple online musings. Limited alterations of the artwork, such as cropping or adding text, are permitted as long as it’s for your personal use.

  • Please DO NOT remove my signature from the work before adding it to a personal gallery or printing it out for personal display.

  • You may NOT use or alter the commissioned artwork you receive from me for the purpose of monetary gain, such as reselling the art for a higher price, selling prints of it, selling it on t-shirts, selling it on items over Etsy, etc. You may NOT repurpose the artwork as a logo or for any other form of commercial advertisement. The content I create falls under a fair use exemption, 17 U.S.C. § 107, which DOES NOT permit commercial use.

  • Please keep in mind that the renders created with the game assets are still copyrighted by the original owners (For example, the Worgen race from WoW belongs to Blizzard, or Valkyr from Warframe belongs to Digital Extremes), but you still own the character.